My name is Bullettproof
Here I go with juice 
Leaving houses with breezes
Because I rip roofs
Even when I was a kid I never liked to play
Oh You heard it was a stunt
So you’re going off some hearsay
Here bro, here’s the strap
I show em where it’s at
Clap, clap, in your ass 
Yeah that’s where I blast
Now I come back And attack
Non believers with my raps
You can call me Usain because I run on tracks
In fact I’m whipping chicks that’s how it be troop
Plus I leave the leaves on trees and rake in the loot
Oh you think you are a dog, probably marmaduke
Or snoopy or Odie, lick my bone you don’t know me
It’s Brett the chick snatcher, give me this and give me that
So yo check her bro she’s on my wood like a lumberjack 
Asking me to take her to the holiday inn
And I tell hot dam hun here we go again
So step to the left because I’m about to catch reck with the tech
Signed and under lined Bullettproof Brett.